2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung
2020 / 1 / 20
▲【2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taichung】
In its 31st year, the Taiwan Lantern Festival has become a trademark tourist event in Taiwan. The festival shows the cultures of the cities and counties in Taiwan where it is held, while boosting growth in the tourism industry and introducing lantern traditions to the world.
▲【MINI HOTELS to Lantern Festival Information
MINI Fengjia Branch to main lantern area about 45 min.
MINI Taichung Station Branch to main lantern areaabout 38 min.
▲【Lantern Festival Main Area
▲【Fantastical Forest Land
Taking advantage of Houli Forest Park's unique forest environs, the main festival site is named the "Fantastical Forest Land." The region's characteristics are ingenuously integrated into the site's designs, while basing all concepts on sustainability. 
▲【Main Lantern - Guardian of the Forest - Tree of Light
Accompanied by fluttering butterflies, chirping birds and fragrant flowers, this lantern is an artistic representation of a simple seed that emerges and transforms into a giant tree.
The seed’s spirit then rises up and reincarnates in the sky as a full moon and a rising sun floating upon the “life energy” rings of this land of Taiwan.
The 22 illuminated bands along the tree’s trunk represent Taiwan’s 22 municipalities and counties, while the 368 flower buds represent its districts and townships, and the 2,359 heart-shaped leaves represents Taiwan’s 23.59 million people.
Finally, gathering together at the top of the tree are a group of dancing butterflies and a family of White-eared Sibias.
▲【The Sound of Blooming _Heart of Everlasting Light
Situated at the end of a hallway and in the center of a big plaza, The Sound of Blooming _Heart of Everlasting Light is characterized by white flowing light, as if a flock of birds, or a starry sky. 
▲【Year of the Mouse Lanternt
※This mouse lantern is given away for free in the main lantern area. (Limited)
According to Taiwanese folklore, the third night of a year in the lunar calendar is the day of "the mice's wedding." People used to say that they could hear mice squeak a lot on this night. In order not to disturb the mice's big day, people would go to bed as early as possible, and leave rice, salt, and pastry in the kitchen or house corners for the mice to enjoy new marriage and for themselves to celebrate a year's good harvests.

Inspired by this renowned folk tale, this year's DIY lantern set is printed on both sides of a sheet of paper. The children can either choose to make a mouse groom or a mouse bride, and play it with others.

The mouse's neck and waist is adjustable. When pulling the lantern's double-string handle, the mouse would bow as if bowing for wedding vows, or for celebrating the New Year. The lovely lantern can also be used as a hand puppet. It is a wonderful toy for children to play together.

 ▲【Last year's  2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival video

Taiwan Lantern Festival Official Website

※This information is for reference only and is subject to change

◎Photos and information from Tourism Bureau, Republic of China
MINI HOTELS  Fengjia Branch walk to Fengjia Night Market about 3 minutes
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MINI HOTELS Taichung Station Branch  walk to Miyahara(宮原眼科) is about 7 min (1 minute to shopping mall and 24H supermarket)
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